Original Acrylic on Canvas Paintings

by Hannah Hunter

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Acrylic on canvas 26"30", Grey Fox with purple prickley pear cacturs, with lizard and hummingbird.
Earth Mother the Nurturer depicts her connection to all of nature and how her heart brings it to life.
Enchanted forest with peace and balance.
There is something of a mystical quality to an old tree. It acts as an antenna receiving and holding nature's wisdom. It nourishes our atmosphere as well as the human race. Stop and hug a tree. Her message: Stay rooted and stand strong.
I love birds. They bring song and joy to our land. Here they are gathering to enjoy the apple blossoms. This was painted with multi-layering of acrylic gel, iridescent as well as interference paint, creating texture and depth.
Sunsets out west are impressive with their vast vistas. 
This painting captures it nicely using different kinds of acrylic paints: iridescent, interference, and metallic paint. I paint in layers using a clear gel medium which brings it to life.

Hannah Hunter paints with acrylics on canvas, as well as digitally on the computer. As an accomplished photographer, she has also photographed dolphins and whales in the wild as she swims and inter-relates with them. Nature is her passion as she creates with love in her heart. Hannah resides in the mountains of Arizona in Prescott.