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Welcome to the 21th century!

“Magic Machines” shows you how to end the “monthly cycle of bills” by showing you fairly simple weekend projects that will stop the draining of your wallet.  Life can be easier.

Just say “NO” to utility bills!!!


Why get trapped by the financial requirements of maintaining your home? In fact many people say, “ I can’t do this, or that, I have bills to pay!” This book has an answer to that dilemma.


There are simple practical ways to use that free energy from the sun to take care of the basic things we all expect a comfortable house to have.

This book is for:

• People who want to go beyond improving the house they already have, “Magic Houses” teaches how to design and build a house that is inexpensive and requires no monthly bills. This includes:

• People who want financial freedom

• Off-the-grid enthusiasts

• People with rural retreats

• Anyone interested in a second home for emergency preparedness

• A house you build for retirement to reduce financial burdens

• People who want to live closer to the natural rhythms of life

• For people who like to read about interesting ideas and for those who like to do interesting things.

Book: "Magic Machines in a Magic House.

This book is fun to read because these ideas are accompanied by dozens of full color illustrations instead of a lot of technical babble. Young and old as well as beginners and experts will appreciate the great ideas.


You can either build an entire house that will do all these amazing things or you can do a single project that may take a weekend or two that will actually make a big difference in your utility bill.

Watch this youtube video by the author, Jack Saville, on how to build a Solar Space Heater